Fashion art video for The Atlas Magazine

BRAIN DAMAGE occurs when we set our lives on autopilot. It may look safe. Sometimes it looks funny. More often it is just highly contagious.

It is not about looking at the world through rose-coloured glasses. It is about walking with our heads held high… mounted on like a crown embellished with fake plastic jewels, useless fears and toxic thoughts. Are we here to change our corrupted minds?

Art Direction & Cinematography: Stanislav Mironov // @Stanislav_Mironov
Producer: Maria Sakvarelidze // @maria_sakvarelidze_producer
Style: Simon Utkin @utkin_simon @style_supervision
MUA: Anna Merkusheva // @amerkusheva and Nyura Petrik // @nura_petrik
Set design: Varvara Shalito // @shalito_design
Crew assistant: Anton Larionov // @ayl_ph
Location: Kristall Studio, Moscow //